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Kinderdance (ages 2 & 3 years old) –

45 minutes


The perfect introductory class for you little dancer! Using a Ballet based curriculum, children will learn simple vocabulary and Ballet positions. They will also explore Creative Movement with interactive songs, activities and free movement. Basic Gymnastics are also introduced to help with motor skill development, balance and flexibility.


Combination I & II (Ballet/Tap) (ages 3*/4-5, 6-8 years old) –

1 hour


*Must have at least one year of Kinderdance and teacher recommendation.

Dancers are placed in classes according to age, maturity and technical level.  Combination classes are appropriate for new students or as a natural progression through the curriculum. Body control and flexibility are established with Ballet movement and floor exercises. Tap skills and vocabulary are learned in the second half of this class using balance, rhythm, sound and basic tap patterns.


Classical Ballet (ages 9 and up) –

1 hour


Ballet offers grace, flexibility and discipline to dancers of all ages and levels.  Through our well- structured Ballet curriculum, students will learn proper Ballet technique, alignment and vocabulary.  Students will gain flexibility, balance and body control with barre work, across the floor combinations, and center floor work.  Advanced students will be considered for Pointe work after extensive evaluation of strength, ability and maturity by the teachers.  Dancers on Pointe are required to be enrolled in at least one Ballet class per week to maintain and increase strength and technique. 


Jazz & PreJazz (PreJazz ages 4 & 5, Jazz ages 6 & up)

PreJazz: 45 minutes

Jazz: 1 hour


A high energy class using the foundations of ballet for across the floor movement variations and center floor combinations.   An emphasis is placed on flexibility and controlled movements while learning to understand stylistic movement and musicality.  Strengthening and fitness are also stressed for increasing jump, leap and turn techniques.  Students are encouraged to use their own personalities and attitudes to add their own style to the movement.   PreJazz is a beginner level course incorporating all of the above and a lot of FUN !


Pom Jazz I & II (ages 8 & up) –

45 minutes/1 hour


A high energy class using the fundamentals of jazz and hip hop technique, gymnastics skills and quick paced synchronization while incorporating pom poms.


Tap (ages 9 & up) –

1 hour


Students learn various tap styles using and mastering footwork, tap patterns, phrase and musicality.  Basic to complex rhythmic combinations will be executed while doing across the floor variations and center floor combinations appropriate to their level.  



Hip Hop (ages 6 & up) –

1 hour


A popular, fun & funky class that uses high energy, age appropriate choreography and music.  This commercial style of dance uses beats, accents and musicality to teach isolated, sharp motions along with fluid motions to create new, fresh and innovative choreography.


Lyrical/ Contemporary* (ages 9 & up) –

1 hour


This class combines the techniques of Ballet and Jazz, emphasizing flexibility and strength along with free range movement and improvisation.  The dancers will work on expression and emotion through the chorography while maintaining and increasing technique.  *Dancers must also be enrolled in one Ballet class and are encouraged to also be enrolled in Jazz.   Contemporary/Improvisation is offered for the more advanced dancer and requires at least 3 years of prior Lyrical/Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz experience. 


Modern (ages 8 & up) –

1 hour


This class combines several styles and explores abstract, angular movements.  Students will concentrate on finding and releasing their core using syncopated rhythm techniques and strengthening exercises.  Enrollment in a Ballet class is strongly encouraged.


Tumble Tots (ages 3-5 years old) –

45 minutes


For our beginner gymnast! 


Baton (ages 6 & up) –
45 minutes - 1 hour


Students are placed by age and/or ability level.  Students will learn basic to advanced twirling techniques along with improving flexibility and basic jump/leap and gymnastics skills. 

Advanced students will learn 1,2 and 3 baton variations and can also progress to fire baton(s).


Adult Hip Hop –

1 hour


A high energy class that uses basic to intermediate hip hop (sometimes jazz and contemporary) dance moves with emphasis on stretching, working on flexibility and overall strength and endurance. 


Private Lessons –

30 minutes


One on one classes that work with your child individually to work on strengthening the skills needed to progress to the next level.  This class is for skill only and does not have a performance opportunity in the Spring Performance.


***Schedules subject to change***

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