Genia Johnson Dance Company's outstanding combination of exceptional training, motivational instructors, friendly supportive environment, spacious studios and extensive curriculum options create the perfect environment to develop your artistry! Whether you are dancing just for fun or desire to enter the performing arts on a professional level GJDC will find the perfect program for you! We offer classes for all ages and skill levels, absolute beginner to pre-professional, toddler to adult! Along with optional performance opportunities, every dancer will have their moment to shine in our annual Spring Performance!


Genia Johnson Dance Company is dedicated to providing quality and affordable dance education in a positive and professional environment. We now have an almost 5000 square foot cutting-edge contemporary building in a standout location in Colonial Heights , Virginia. An extraordinary atmosphere has been created with 3 spacious dance studios, suspended wood floors, professional barre systems and an abundance of sleek mirrors. We have a cozy waiting area with wi-fi and flat screen TV, and we are equipped with one-way mirrors for observers in our studio. Our mission is to provide students with outstanding instruction while boosting self-confidence. Our instructors have access to continual training with some of the country’s leading choreographers to provide our students with exceptional technical instruction. We are committed to giving individual attention through gentle guidance while children develop artistry and self-expression. At GJDC we offer many styles of dance for children and adults, we encourage everyone to explore the delight, wonder and creativity in each.

W H Y   C H O O S E   G J D C ?

Genia Johnson Dance Company has been a second home for me & my family since the beginning. The atmosphere is so positive and supportive for both of my girls. Both my girls started here at the age of 2, and have developed such a sense of confidence over time that I truly believe came from GJDC. The staff here are such amazing role models. They are not just teachers, but also family and friends to us. Both my girls know they can go to anyone at GJDC to talk about anything and they will be there to support them and lift them up. I cannot imagine not having GJDC in my girls lives on a daily basis. We have known since day 1 that this is where they needed to be. 

Amy Daly

14 Years at GJDC

During her first year at GJDC, my daughter was embraced and treated like a family member! She absolutely loves her teachers, the owner, and her peers. She can do nothing but speak highly of the company as well! They have all helped shape her into the dancer and person she is today as well as mentoring her along the way! She is able to see how everyone here at GJDC is a valuable part of the dance family.

CJ Ward

3 Years at GJDC

Both of my daughters have absolutely loved dancing at Genia Johnson Dance Company since my youngest daughter was 1 year old, and we have never felt like anything less than a family member!  They have really loved their experience with dance, have made so many new friends and they absolutely adore their teachers!  The choreography and dance techniques are amazing, the song choices at the recital are current top hits, as well as timeless classics, and we just have a blast!  The memories, friendships and dance education that my children have experienced are priceless! We look forward to many more amazing dance years to come at Genia Johnson Dance Company!"

Amy Strathy-Stell

4 Years at GJDC

My daughter is going into her third season at GJDC and I can’t imagine us being anywhere else.  Yes, I say “us” because I feel just as much a part of this dance family as she does! It is incredible to see the confidence and skill she has built over the last few years. Her instructors have been top notch, along with the rest of the GJDC staff!!

Linda Vinema

4 Years at GJDC

I could not recommend Genia Johnson Dance Company more if I was Genia herself! I searched for our “Dance Home“ long and hard because I know what a Dance teacher looks like through a child’s eyes. It’s not just a talented person in front of the class. My daughter would be looking up to that role model instructing her. Genia was THE perfect person! She’s genuine, honest, FUN and an extremely talented Dancer! I was nervous our 2nd year when my daughter would move up to have a different teacher but we were BLESSED with Meredith! The LOVE the teachers have for our babies radiates from them! The moment we walked in we knew we were HOME! We are starting our 3rd year here @GJDC with a lifetime to go 💜 I can not THANK Genia and her staff enough for LOVING my girl so much! 

Elisa Lindsey

3 Years at GJDC

I cannot say enough good things about Genia and the staff at GJDC. My sweet Aurora is on the autism spectrum, and has loved to dance almost since she could walk. We were apprehensive about putting her in classes because we weren’t sure how she would handle being in a formal dance setting. From our very first class with Ms. Genia, all of that fear was gone! We knew right away that we had found our dance home. We are now in our fourth year of dance at GJDC and the positive effect Ms Genia and Ms Meredith have had on Aurora cannot begin to be measured. We are forever grateful for Genia and her staff for encouraging our little girl and sharing their love of dance with her! 

Cindy Hios

4 Years at GJDC

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